6 Types of Structural Inspections for Your Project

Structural Inspections

Building a home or property and having second thoughts about some structural elements is acceptable, even encouraged. You can readily call for an expert to inspect the structure, and ask for insights, inputs and other examinations. Here are a few elements for which you could have second opinions and inspections.

Plumbing Inspections

Plumbing is an integral part of your house, and if there is any pipe amiss, your whole infrastructure could suffer from within. You can carry out comprehensive plumbing inspections, including pipes, sinks, faucets, toilets, and more associated appliances. A plumbing inspection saves a potential leak that could create water damage on your property. Moreover, you can examine if your drainage is hinting at some issues. Also, to be on the safer side, check water lines, water heaters, toilets and water pressure to circumvent plumbing issues in the future.

Reinforcement Inspections

While constructing your project, you might want to consider examining if the supporting materials of your construction are sturdy enough to withstand the entire property. Licensed professionals conduct an on-site assessment to ensure that your construction elements, such as steel and other materials, uphold the structure.

Steel Beam Inspections

The steel beam erects a robust infrastructure and protects it. To ensure that they are up and ready to hold the building together, you should call field experts for an examination. They can inspect the stability and reliability of the structure by assessing key columns and beams. Once you are sure that they are well-fitted, you can proceed with your construction without any stress.

Glass Railing Inspections

When done right, a glass railing can provide some exquisite looks for your house and create a safe barrier on your deck and home. To ensure that these glass railings are executed appropriately, you will need inspection services. They will help you determine the integrity of your railings and understand the codes pertaining to them.

Retaining Wall Inspections

Your bare eyes can catch only so many errors in construction. While everything might look fine at a glance, you never know what goes on within four walls (literally!). You can get these walls inspected to discover any faults and get them classified as safe. If they are not, you can immediately begin your repairing and maintenance to fix them effectively.

Deck Inspections

Essentially made out of wood and screws, the chances of your deck collapsing due to inaccurate fitting and instability are not zero. This can pose severe injuries if such a deck is in use. It's better to be safe than sorry, so getting your deck fittings, bolts and sturdiness of the wood checked is crucial to erecting a durable structure.

Undertaking projects can undoubtedly elevate your property’s look, functioning and value. However, to ensure it is done correctly, you will need a field expert as your partner throughout. ASR Engineers are well-versed in every aspect of construction. With our veteran team, we aim to provide you with a rewarding infrastructure for your property and provide you with the best services. Contact us today.

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