8 Types of Inspections You Should Get Before Buying Property


Investing in a property is one of the most important financial decisions you will make in your life. So before you sign a contract, you want to be sure you are buying a structurally sound property, free from pest problems and generally well maintained. To do this, you must complete several property inspections during the buying process to ensure you are making the right decision. Listed below are the different types of inspection you should get before buying a property:

Radon Testing

Radon is an odorless and colorless gas resulting from the gradual collapse of radioactive elements on earth. It is emitted from well water, soil and building materials soil and can enter your home through cracks. Radon tests either detect either radon gas directly or similar products from its radioactive decay.

Wood Destroying Organism Testing and Pest Inspection

A wood-destroying organism inspection, commonly referred to as a termite inspection, will ensure your prospective home is free of the six-legged tenants. Termites, wood-boring beetles and carpenter ants are among the most worrying culprits, although WDO inspectors will also look for dry rot. During a pest inspection, an inspector will check the exterior and interior of your property for signs of infestation, damage or areas that are attractive to pests.

Mold Inspection

Mold testing is essential when you see mold, have mold and may need to go straight to remediation. But if you're worried about what you can't see or smell, a home mold inspection might be in order. A mold inspector uses a moisture meter to detect drywall, insulation and other building materials.

Foundation Inspection

A home inspector will look at the home's foundation and note possible drainage issues, nearby tree roots, cracks or other signs of movement. If something appears to be of concern, the inspector may suggest that a civil engineer examine the property.

Plumbing and Water System Inspection

An expert plumbing inspection can contain both a visible look at or a diagnostic camera. With a visual inspection, a plumber inspects all connections below the sinks and the shutoff supplies, verifies that all furniture and home equipment are hooked up to code, tests the water strain and heater, and confirms the whole thing is draining properly.

Sewer or Septic System Inspection

A septic system inspection will test for items such as when the tank was last pumped, the sludge levels, the proximity of the tank and drain field to wells and streams and whether or not the tank is the proper length for the house.

Landscaping or Soil Analysis

A soil analysis can describe drainage, rating and other maintenance recommendations and determine assistance whether the basis of a home appropriately balances the change and settlement of a particular bottom type.

Electrical Inspection

Your home's electrical system is a crucial component to protect your family. An electrical inspection goes as far as looking for ungrounded outlets, exposed wiring, spliced wires, improperly modified switchboards and other issues that could pose a risk.

Contact ASR Engineers to get your property inspected before investing in it. Our diverse team of specialists uses their experience to solve your problems and make your dream home safe. With a commitment to customer satisfaction, we aim to efficiently and timely complete any project that fits within your allocated budget and meets your requirements.

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