Structural Engineer Foundation: Laying Down the Basics and Why It's Important

Structural Engineer Foundation

Every building — whether commercial, residential, or industrial — needs a solid foundation to guarantee its longevity, safety, and structural integrity for years to come. A weak foundation can put its inhabitants at risk, but it won’t just struggle to support your home.

The foundation, after all, fulfills several purposes — from keeping moisture out of the house, stabilizing the structure to prevent lateral movement during earthquakes, preventing flooding, and even act as an insulating buffer.

That’s why it’s important to conduct a foundation inspection performed by a structural engineer to ensure the load-bearing components remain structurally sound. But what are other reasons that compel you to hire a structural engineer to inspect your property’s foundation?

1) Lower Your Risks in the Eyes of a Mortgage Lender

Thinking about your mortgage may seem like an unfitting thought during structural inspections, but lenders always feel better when they can confidently trust their investments. For one, the structural longevity of your home can lower your risk as a borrower since it shows you’re proactively taking steps to spot and fix underlying issues.

That’s why many lenders may require homebuyers to include the foundation when doing home inspections. Speaking of which, the home inspector may also request to further evaluate the foundation with the help of a structural engineer.

This typically happens when the home inspectors notice cracks larger than ⅛ inches or need the specialized expertise to assess uncommon foundation designs.

2) You Notice Damages in Your Foundation

If you live in a cold country that commonly experiences the freeze-thaw cycle, then it helps to conduct foundation inspections every now and then to ensure your home is structurally sound despite the inclement conditions.

You may also notice cracks or new shifting, both of which can lead to serious repercussions when left unchecked. A structural engineer can help determine the root of the problem and offer solutions to stabilize your home for the long run.

3) Peace of Mind

Some homebuyers may want to hire a structural engineer when investing in a new property to flip it later on, but even if there is no agenda on your plate, it’s worth considering a foundation inspection every few years. Nothing beats the comfort of sleeping in a home that can remain standing and sound for a long time.

The Bottom Line: Why You Should Consider Having a Reputable Structural Engineer to Conduct Foundation Inspections for Your Property

Whether you’re starting a construction project or notice issues, a foundation inspection fulfills the following:

- If the residential house is safe to live in;

- If there are any existing cracks and other forms of damages that can compromise your home’s structural integrity;

- If the freeze-thaw cycle throughout the changing seasons are damaging your home’s foundation;

- If the foundation shifted down the line and compromised other structural components, from uneven flooring, higher risks of flooding, and more.

No matter the reason that fuels your decision to hire a structural engineer, inspecting your home’s foundation can guarantee peace of mind for years to come.

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