What a Structural Engineer Can Do for Your Custom Home

When you are getting a new house built, you need to hire a team of professionals to handle different tasks. Your team will include architects, interior designers, and contractors. You are also going to need a structural engineer. Not many people understand how important the role of a structural engineer is. Still, the truth is, their work has a huge impact on the overall quality, safety, and durability of your new house.

Here are some of the things that a residential structural engineer does for new home construction:

They Help Ensure That the Architect’s Design Is Structurally Sound

An architect is responsible for the aesthetic element of the design and its usability, from the number of rooms and the sizes of each to the height of the ceiling and more. So, what does a structural engineer do design-wise? They make the plan for the foundation, the framing, and the roofing to ensure that structural integrity is good and that the home will be efficient, too.

They Make Sure That Your House Is Built to Last

As their title suggests, structural engineers are tasked to ensure the home’s structure’s durability and safety. They need to consider several factors to ensure this, including the kind of weather in your particular area. They think about how much snow and rain you get in a year, how strong the winds can get, or how often earthquakes happen. With these in mind, they make recommendations regarding the construction materials, the appropriate roof slope and height, and the architectural design, among others.

They Choose the Right Materials for Your Home

As mentioned above, the structural engineer considers many factors when they make decisions, including their choice of material. From the materials that would work best for the foundation of the house and the beams and posts for the frame to the trimmings and accent materials, the engineer will determine which materials work best given the weather in your area.

They Conduct Thorough Inspections

Once your home is built, the engineer will do a thorough inspection of the site to ensure that everything was done correctly and as indicated in the plan. Aside from doing a home foundation inspection, they also check if there is any need for adjustments or fixes before giving the green light for your move-in.

They Ensure That Your Home is Up to Code

As you know, there are building codes and standards that home builders need to adhere to to ensure the home’s safety. From the very beginning of the building process, the engineer will make sure that every step is done properly so that there will be no need for costly changes later on. They keep track of the construction progress, ensure that the builders are meeting the timeline, and stay within the budget. Aside from that, they take care of things like obtaining all the necessary permits from the authorities before and after the work is done.


A structural engineer is indeed one of the most important people in your home construction team. Thanks to your house engineer, you’ll have peace of mind knowing that your home is built with the strongest materials, that it can withstand the harshest weather conditions, and that it is up to code.

If you are looking for an experienced residential structural engineer for your custom home, you cannot go wrong with ASR Engineers. Our Toronto firm offers engineering solutions for both residential and commercial projects. Contact us to learn more about our services!

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