6 Services Electrical Engineers Provide

Electrical Engineers

Engineering is vast and spans across almost all the industries of the modern world. Electrical engineering is one of its prominent branches, constantly evolving how we work in this fast-paced environment. This field focuses on electricity and electronics, right from large-scale power grids to microscopic computer components. Any professional who designs and handles this field is an electrical engineer, and their role contributes to the plethora of subfields of electrical engineering. Take a look at some of the many services electrical engineers provide.

Telecommunications Services

A telecommunication engineer strives to improve telecommunications through basic circuit design, providing high-speed data transmission services, and overseeing the installation of telecommunications equipment, such as electronic switching systems, optical fibre cabling, IP networks, and microwave transmission systems. They enable solutions to wireless modes of communication, such as wireless telephone services, radio and satellite communications, and internet and broadband technologies.

Electrical Instrumentation Services

Instrumentation services deal with the designing and measuring of devices for pressure, temperature and flow. Engineers in this field work closely with the process and manufacturing industries that involve steel, oil, petrochemicals, and more. They develop new technology pertaining to intelligent sensors, smart transducers and BlueTooth technology through measurement, automation and control processes. Their industrial solutions design and commission ongoing maintenance and deliver efficient and optimized results.

Power Systems Engineering Services

The power generation system deals with the distribution, transmission and utilization of electricity by using electrical components, such as transformers, generators and motors. Power system engineers are also responsible for designing the aforementioned electrical components to produce an efficient transmission and distribution of electricity.

Solar Panel Engineering Services

Electrical engineers working on solar panels design to customize them according to the geographical location, dimensions and need. They connect solar panel systems to existing electrical systems and roofs. They integrate energy simulation services, 3D design mockups, safe and efficient rooftop mounting/ground mounting plans, error-free photovoltaic system designs, and more.

Electrical 2D Drafting

Electrical engineering provides professional designs for power distribution layout and individual systems. Engineers formulate a full distribution layout by creating a comprehensive blueprint that includes locations of components, wiring diagrams, and interfacing design with labelled parts for implementation. They also design security systems diagrams, lighting system diagrams, electric panel schedules, and more.

Control System Engineering Services

Control engineering or control system engineering is an application in electrical engineering that designs controllers. Engineers design control systems obtained by mathematical modelling of various systems. These controllers compel systems to behave in a certain way by using various electrical circuits and components. Engineers use detectors and sensors to determine the output performance of the system.

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