Project Inspections

Maybe you’re not anticipating a large-scale project will be inaugurated, overhauled, or retooled. You may simply have a particular structural element you’d like examined for insight, input, or other purposes. ASR has you covered for any of these overviews.

Plumbing Inspections

​We’ll take a look at piping, sinks, faucets, toilets, and similar appliances. We’ll also check out water lines, water heater and toilets, water pressure — and appraise the conditions of your entire system.

Reinforcements Inspection

​Our structural experts make an on-site assessment of the steel or other foundational materials supporting your structure. We make sure that weight-bearing elements are literally upholding their end of the deal.

Drainage Inspection

​An extension of our plumbing inspection service, ASR considers the unique and interrelated drainage on both the inside and outside of the building or home. We can identify and help correct glitches or oversights.

Steel Beam Inspection

Key columns and beams that gird a building need to be checked and tested for their stability and assessed for their sturdy and durable ongoing reliability.

Glass Railing Inspection

Glass railings provide exquisite views while providing a clever barrier for decks and homes. As a feature that has been around in some form for hundreds of years, we’re here to help you understand the codes that pertain to your favourite railing.

Retaining Wall Inspection

The building’s façades will be checked and classified as either safe, safe but in need of minor repairs or maintenance, safe in the event of proper repairs and monitoring, or occasionally, outright unsafe.

Deck Inspection

​This inspection was performed in Ajax, Ontario. We make sure your deck meets code and performs as a well-constructed component of your house and property: appropriately weight-bearing, properly “zoned” in relation to the home and yard, and comprised of appropriate building materials.

Brick Installation Inspection

​This inspection was performed in Innisfil, Ontario. There’s nothing as beautiful as exposed brick, and nothing as terrifying as when one dislodges itself. We’ll make sure your brickwork is stable, finalized according to code, and fits among the structural and architectural elements that surround it.

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