Crane Inspection

Undertaking timely verification of cranes is essential to eliminate sudden breakdowns and mishaps that can cause significant damage to the people around and the property. The inspection can be visual and operational, depending on the crane's wear and tear deterioration and its critical components' nature.

It is best to resort to professionals when inspection of huge machinery is concerned. At ASR Engineers, our team of expert technicians undertake a step-by-step crane inspection process. Every fixture and operation of the crane is inspected before it is sent back to function at full operation. Some of the inspection steps are stated below.

Examination of Brakes, Clutches, Sheaves, and Wire Rope Assemblies

Brakes, clutches, sheaves and wire rope assemblies, etc. must function at their optimum productivity to appropriately carry out all the crane functions. Over time, wear and tear of all these fixtures are bound to happen. Since cranes are responsible for carrying heavy metal loads, it is vital always to inspect these fixtures at regular intervals. Getting a certified inspection tag also helps increase trustworthiness and goodwill among the clients.

Dynamic and Static Load Testing

It is best to undertake dynamic and static load testing before starting the construction of any project. Preventive maintenance is an excellent way to keep additional costs at bay. Dynamic tests of the crane are carried out by lifting a load, which is generally 10% heavier than its nominal capacity. At the same time, static load testing refers to where the crane tests are conducted under the load, which is usually 25% above its capacity parameters. To carry dynamic and static load tests, the crane owner must provide a set of test loads with their actual weight specified.

Re-Examination of all Safety Devices

Safety devices are pieces of equipment that indicate through an alarm any functional mishap to reduce the risk of damage and potential loss. This refers to the crane safety monitor, overload guard, crane weigher, and several others. All these devices need to be inspected and re-examined to ensure they are accurately functioning. They provide immediate indications in case of risk; thus having effective safety devices in your crane is crucial.

Operational Testing

Operational tests are undertaken to inspect the functioning of the crane before it starts its operation on site. Once all the fixtures and devices have been inspected, an entire operational test is carried out. This helps better identify if there are still any discrepancies that need to be rectified. Such operational tests give a double check on the productivity of the crane.

We, at ASR Engineers, have a team of expert engineers, who are well equipped to carry out effective inspection. We aim to cost-effectively support your entire project, including appropriate onsite inspections of work performed. Effectiveness and safety are given utmost priority to ensure that the site work is undertaken without any delay and setback. If you wish to undertake a crane inspection at the earliest, contact ASR Engineers.

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